TOTY Spotlight: Madelyn Carmical

Throughout the month of November, we will be introducing you to the 2022-2023 Glynn County Teachers of the Year.

Madelyn Carmical was named Teacher of the Year at FACES/Leaps & Bounds. She has been teaching Pre-K for 8 years, all of which have been spent at the prekindergarten center. Here are some awesome things you should know.


Family: Lee Carmical (Spouse), and Sara Grace and Emma Carmical (step daughters).

Who is your role model? My mother, a retired 2nd-grade teacher, along with every fellow teacher at my school. My mother was a loving and kind teacher. She established lasting relationships with all of her students. I am in awe of all the hard work that my fellow teachers do on a daily basis to help our students.  

What book has most influenced you? The children’s book, "The Kissing Hand."

What is your greatest teaching memory? Every memory that ends with shared laughs and love. 

What is your favorite quote or personal motto? For the last six months, “Stop expecting you from others” though it does change depending on the season of life. 

What is a fact about you that most people don't know? I’m the first girl born into my family in 100 years. 

Any hidden talents or hobbies? Reading and spending time with family.