Daily Learning Target 11-6-23 -- 11-10-23

Daily Lesson Plan 

November 6-10 , 2023

Literacy Focus

Math Focus


GELDS: CLL 7.4  Students will develop a knowledge of letters.

Learning Target: I can recognize the letter Jj .

Success Criteria: I will name the letter J and name something that begins with the letter J 

Activity: The students will write the letter “J” and draw a picture of something that begins with a “J”.


CD-MA1.4b Recognizes numerals & uses counting as a part of play and means for determining quantity. 

Learning Target: I can count to 20.

Success Criteria:

I can count from 0-5.

I can count from 0-10.

I can count from 0-20 correctly without skipping numbers.


Calendar- Count Days in the Month


Learning Target: I can explain and celebrate different celebrations in our community.

Activity: Read the Let’s Find Out article,Here Come the Veterans! Discuss and learn about Veteran’s Day celebration. Students will create a poster to celebrate veterans.

HOMEWORK:Name Tracing: One time then  write. Complete the Letter Jj worksheet. Help your child trace, find, color and write. Read 15 minutes each night. Help your child complete the worksheet: “Veterans Day Parade Find It” Have you ever seen a parade? Talk about it.

Nursery Rhyme for this month:

Baa Baa, Black Sheep,

Have you any wool?

Yes sir, Yes Sir,

Three bags full.

One for my master,

One for my dame,

One for the little boy,

Who lives down the lane.