Daily Learning Target 9-14-23

 Daily Lesson Plan 

September 14, 2023

Theme 2: Family

Week 1 – Who’s In My Family?

Literacy Focus

Math Focus


GELDS: CLL5.4c Discusses books or stories read aloud and can identify characters and setting in a story.

Learning Target: 

I will identify characters and settings in a story. 

Success Criteria:

-I can talk about stories read to me.

-I can identify characters and settings in a story.  

Activity: Read The Wonderful things you will be Children learn about how humans grow and change as they explore how they have changed from baby to child.  Using Science Poster 3, introduce Science Words: adult; baby; child. 


Learning Target

I will describe my family structure and family roles.


CD-MA1.4b Recognizes numerals & uses counting as a part of play and means for determining quantity. 

Learning Target: I can count to 20.

Success Criteria:

I can count from 0-5.

I can count from 0-10.

I can count from 0-20 correctly without skipping numbers.


Calendar- Count Days in the Month; small group Apple counting


The students will begin to recognize shapes.

Learning Target: I can name and match shapes.

Success Criteria: I will match shapes to the MathMat.

Activity: Shape Game.

HOMEWORK: Name Tracing: One Time Read our Let’s Find Out: I

Love My Neighborhood! Discuss different types of

Transportation you might see on the way to school.

Nursery Rhyme for September:

Twinkle, Twinkle Little Star

How I wonder what you are

Up above the world so high

Like a diamond in the sky

Twinkle, Twinkle Little Star

How I wonder what you are.