Arien Phillips » Daily Learning Resources: Schuh/Phillips Co-teach

Daily Learning Resources: Schuh/Phillips Co-teach

Mrs. Schuh/Mrs. "Arien" Phillips Co-teach PreK Daily Lesson Plan: 


October 5, 2021


Literacy Focus

Math Focus


GELDS: CLL5.4b Retells Familiar Stories


Learning Target:  I can Listen to a Story and tell what happened in the story.


Success Criteria: 

 I can Name characters in the story.


I can tell what the characters are doing.


I can name some letters.



ActivityListen to the story:  Knuffle Bunny.  Name characters and recognize community places they go.  Video Link (Optional):


GELDS:  CD.MA1.4a,b- recites number, recognizes numerals


Learning Targets: I can count to 10


Success Criteria:  I can count to five without skipping numbers


I can count to 10 without skipping numbers


I can recognize some number and name them..



Activity: Help the teacher count 5 or 10 squares.  Using fingers and models.


Video Link:  chicken count


GELDS:  CD-SS2,4a  Identifies and follows rules of the classroom community and displays competence in appropriate social behavior.


Learning Target: Students can repeat 4 rules of the classroom. (All week)


The Teacher’s job is to keep me safe; My job is to stay safe.


Listen to the teachers; follow directions the first time.


Hands are for helping; not for hurting.


Kind Words no put downs.


Success Criteria: I can listen to the rules at morning meeting.


I can repeat them after the teachers with motions.

Activity:  Calendar Time


Video Link (Optional): 

Homework:  Help your child complete the Star Letter Ff  Worksheet.  Trace, Find, Color and Write