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Daily Learning Resources

Lesson Plan 

Tuesday, September 7, 2021 


Literacy Focus

Math Focus




With prompting and support, tracks words from left to right, top to bottom and page to page.


Learning Target

I can read in the correct direction.


Success Criteria:

I can read left to right.

I can read top to bottom.

I start with the first word in a sentence.




Read along with the teacher and identify the emotion that belongs to each facial expression.




Learning Target:

I can count objects using one to one correspondence.


Success Criteria:

I touch each object as I count. I say a number for each object. The last number that I say tells me how many objects.



Counting up to 5: Use manips to count different configurations 1-1.  Tell “how many”




Learning Target:

I can regulate my emotions and behaviors and get help when I need it.


Success Criteria:

I know about my brain

I understand how I am feeling.

I implement strategies that I know to help manage my feelings.

I get help from an adult when I need it.



Parts of the brain lesson. Students will begin learning about their brains and how it helps us remember and learn new things. Learning about the Hippocampus. 


Complete Bb letter review